I was struggling with lower back problems which caused problems with my legs. I was going to a chiropractor every week for treatment. We discussed the problem and decided that PT would be necessary.

I then began treatment with Ford Reinink after having a recommendation from my daughter who was treated by Ford for running related injuries. After several PT visits, the chronic problem has gone from me being about 60% as functional as I once was to 95% of my old function in my legs. My last chiropractic appointment was 10 months ago and any tightness I feel, as long as I do my exercises from Ford my symptoms are totally managed with exercises alone.

I am totally satisfied with the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and follow from Ford. I even had my wife see him with similar results for her own back pain.

-Fred Jaeger

After recovering from a relatively rare surgery, I was referred to Ford’s physical therapy clinic by my surgeon. Ford’s expertise, expansive knowledge base, compassion and dedication were second-to-none, and it was quite apparent during our sessions. I wholeheartedly believe that my recovery time would not have been as progressive as it was had it not been for his understanding of my situation and his willingness to work within the scope of my means. Ford went out of his way to research my specific condition and surgery so we could achieve maximum benefit from the physical therapy sessions. This is just one example (of the many) that gives validity to his professionalism. I would highly recommend anyone in need or in search of a physical therapist to seek out Ford!

-Penny Berger

As an occupational therapist myself, I understand the potential benefit therapy has for a patient. I was very pleased with the therapy I received from physical therapist Ford Reinink. My script for PT was for knee pain that prevented me from running; however, after my initial visit with Ford it was determined that much of my knee pain was due to my foot and hip mechanics, as well as being 5 months postpartum.

I have received treatment from many other therapists and specialists in the past for my knee pain and Ford truly was the only one that addressed the underlying causes of my pain, which in turn helped with alleviating symptoms. Ford did a great job describing to me what, mechanically, was causing my knee pain and treating the underlying issues contributing to the symptoms by using various techniques rooted in evidence-based practices and much research.

Ford also created an individualized home program for me that helped with symptom management as well as continuing to treat the basis of the issues while keeping it realistic. He also was great in instructing my husband on a few stretches to do with me at home. I highly recommend Ford as a physical therapist due to his expansive knowledge, expertise, ability to explain everything he is doing and why, and passion for helping others. If you are someone who has been hesitant about therapy, give Ford a try and your hesitancy will quickly change to confidence in what therapy can do for you.

-Elizabeth A. Rexroat

Getting to my age, parts start going bad, and I have the need to visit the physical therapist. I have never met one, until Ford Reinink, that has the combination of passion for fixing things and the intricate knowledge of anatomy and physiology to make it happen. He has helped me get rid of multiple vexing problems and he does it with the patience of Job.

-John J.

Ford Reinink is an excellent therapist. As a primary care physician, I have referred many patients to him over the years. My patients really liked him as a person and he got great results. More importantly, patients’ feedback from their experience was that they felt “confident” in his care. In other words, they had a sense that Ford “knows what he is doing.” This gave me peace of mind relative to those referrals. I always appreciated the fact that he would communicate with me as the referring physician, even calling me on several occasions to discuss pertinent issues related to my patient’s care.

My respect for him grew even more when I needed his services as a patient. I had a shoulder injury related to postural issues and carrying a laptop computer all day at work. Ford’s diagnostic approach was based on functional anatomic and physiologic principles. He did an extensive history and physical exam to pinpoint the problem. Ford then incorporated traditional Physical Therapy as well as Manual Medicine in his treatment regimen. As an Osteopathic Physician, this combination was very familiar to me. I found my personal experience as a patient to reinforce the positive feedback I have gotten from my patients. There is no question that Ford has an intense passion for his profession. He is very competent and delivers care in a manner that is confident yet comfortable. I have no reservations endorsing Ford Reinink as a physical therapist based on my experience both as a referring provider and as a former patient. In fact when my wife was prescribed physical therapy by her orthopedic physician, I was sure to have her set an appointment with Ford.

-Troy D. Silvernale, D.O., M.P.H.